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Plastic Machinery Manufacturers Association of India

Vision : To offer latest techno economical machines.

Quality Policy :

Our aim is to take care of customer’s requirements and maximize customer satisfaction

This shall be achieved :

By supplying reliable quality plastic processing machinery and equipments in time.
By providing satisfactory customer services in time.
By effective co-ordination amongst departments and other functions for enhancing efficiency and capability of the organization .
By emphasize on sharing information, training and teamwork
By provision of adequate resources.
By continual improvement in all the areas of Products, Process, Technology and Service.

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate : {Click on image to view big}


Contribution of for the Plastic Woven Sack Industries

Till the year 1984, woven sack industries ware running with old technology blown film plant to produce raffia tapes (HDPE only) with output of only 35 kgs to 50 kgs/hr. In the year 1985, some of industries started importing Flat Film Tape lines. Technology changes but to get immediate benefit of new technology, may industries was not prepared to discard their old blown film line and to installed a new technology flat film line. J P EXTRUSIONTECH LIMITED started manufacturing coat hanger die in the year 1989 and supplying coat hanger die and turn bar system as a conversion kit to replace old technology blown film plant in to new technology flat film plant, which gives double the production and capable to run PP/HDPE materials. Within 4 to 5 years, J P EXTRUSIONTECH LIMITED has supplied almost 300 conversion kits to convert blown film raffia plant to flat die tape plant. This way, J P EXTRUSIONTECH LIMITED contribute a major roll to save raffia industries with an affordable cost at that time. Presently, J P EXTRUSIONTECH LIMITED offer tape stretching line with 600 kgs/hr output and with auto doffing inverter based cheese winders which was live displayed during PLASTINDIA 2009 show.

It was a requirement of woven sack industries for high printing production of woven sacks. J P EXTRUSIONTECH LIMITED started manufacturing 4 and 6 color printing machine in the year 2000 and till date sold more than 200 nos. of machines. Printing machines produced approx. 1 lack bags (front and back side printing) per day with in-line corona treatment, micro perforation, gusseting and cutting of un-laminated and laminated woven sacks.

J P EXTRUSIONTECH LIMITED started manufacturing high speed tandem lamination plant in the year 2002 and the same is producing 150 meters/min line speed of lamination production. Apart from that J P EXTRUSIONTECH LIMITED has started manufacturing 3300 mm tandem lamination plant and 4300 mm extrusion coating line.

J P EXTRUSIONTECH LIMITED have also developed specially designed high output recycling line for woven sack industries to convert wastage of HDPE/PP raffia tapes in to recycled granules. The same was live displayed during PLASTINDIA 2009 show.

Coat Hanger type T-Dies of sizes ranging from 300 mm to 4300 mm for Woven Sack/Lamination/ PVC Foam/PP Sheet
Pioneer in converting traditional blown die into flat T-Die with Quenching Tank and Hot Air Oven for PP Tape Line

Needle type Fibrillation systems used for the production of fibrillated tapes for stitching threads for Rope/Twin.

Three layer Cast film Line for stretch / CPP Film exhibited first time in Plastindia 1994.
Automatic Recycling Line with Backflush Screen Changer exhibited in Plastindia 1994

1600 mm Paper Lamination having Turret Unwinder & Surface Winder with auto splicing and auto loading & unloading arrangement. It was exhibited in Plastivision 1995

Blown Film Plant with 95% Gusseting and online sealing & cutting for Jumbo Bag Liner.
Tape Line for fibrillated Tape for Rope.

Two Layer Lamination cum Cast Film Plant Exhibited in Plastindia 1997
2500 mm Extrusion Coating Line for Woven Sack/Jumbo Bag.

3300 mm Extrusion Coating Line for coating of tarpaulin / Cotton / Jute / Non-woven
Low Shrinkage Tape Line for manufacturing rope.

Two layer sheet plant for thin sheets for Stationary purpose exhibited in Plastindia 2000

Mono layer sheet plant for 1400 mm width with thickness upto 20 mm & longitudinal cutter and output upto 400 Kg/hr.
2650 mm Bid-less Die for Extrusion Coating.

High Speed Tandem Lamination Line for both side coating on tarpaulin fabric at a time & with different (two) colours.

5-Layer Lamination Plant for Flexible Packaging exhibited in Plastindia 2003
Inverter Driven Cheese Winders for woven sack exhibited in Plastindia 2003

3300 mm Tandem Extrusion Coating Line.
Washing Cleaning Line 500 Kg/Hr. for PET
Monofilament Line having 80 mm Extruder and output upto 200 Kg/Hr.

Three Layer Vented Sheet Line upto 600 Kg/Hr output exhibited in Plastindia 2006
1750 mm Tape Line upto 600 Kg/Hr output exhibited in Plastindia 2006
8 Colour CI Flexo Printing for woven sack exhibited in Plastindia 2006

2300 mm Sheet Line with Accumulator and Automatic Cutting for PP/HDPE/EVA/HIPS/ABS and Carpet
2400 mm Extrusion Coating Line for Carpet with Accumulator and Automatic Cutting
Inverter Driven Big Cheese Winder for Monofilament Line.

High Output 500 Kg/Hr. Vented Recycling Line having 120 mm Vented Extruder with 35:1 L/D Ratio.
3400 mm 5 Layer Cast Film Line with 5 Extruder with output upto 1500 kg/hr.

2300 mm 4 Extruder with 5 Layer Cast Film Line, 1200 Kgs/hr
600 Kg/Hr. Tape Line with Auto Doffing Cheese Winders
Bag Cutting/Stitching Machine for Woven Sack.
Recycling Line.

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