PET/PE Washing Lines

Thanks to the experience acquired year by year in the markets of competence, JP offers itself as your partner for forefront solutions in the plastic recycling field, increasing the value of the waste materials.

JP understands the needs of the customer for a throughout Quality compliance with the addition of high output and cost efficient machinery. Ranging from a tiny bolt to the final finished product everything undergoes strict compliance policy. Our customers rely on our quality product for fast and punctual delivery, reliably easy operation, systems, machines and services and their long life-time even with intensive usage of the machines.

We at JP offer the most economical machine configuration with optimal connection for further processing systems and maximum quality through in-depth requirement analysis and exact target specifications.

JP INDUSTRIES introduces a line capable of sorting, grinding, washing and cleaning with drying post consumer plastic waste. The end use of the plastic waste is supposed to be either in the field of injection molding textile fiber, monofilament or sheet with different thickness for thermoforming. The complete line is for an accurate clearing of plastic material especially suited for LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, PC.

JP’s washing line is built with the best materials for less wearing of the bodies of the machine and consequentially less maintenance and less lost in time. Also, the experience of JP has developed a system that is matching the European standard but with a better price.

JP’s engineering department can give to their customers the support on finding also a customized solution because JP Industries know that every country has his own traditions and his own post consumer material to treat. For this, we will be glad to give you the right solution for your business.

Output Available from 500 Kgs/Hr to 2000 Kgs/Hr.

1000 Kgs/Hr Capacity – PET Washing Line – Video

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