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Blown Film Line
PET / PP Box Strap Line

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Multilayer Blown Film line to produce variety of films like liquid packaging films, ultra high barrier films, meat and cereal packaging films, oil packaging films, pharmaceutical and medical grade films, green house films, geomembrane and chemical / soap packaging films etc.

Control Panel

Main programmable logic controller (PLC) features a large color touch screen control panel for access to line setup and operation.

Gravimetric System
The gravimetric system weights the resin before feeding it into the extruder. This unit communicates with the PLC ensuring accurate measurement of resin into the extruder maintaining consistent production.

The extruder heats the resin so that it becomes homogenous upon exiting the extruder. Custom and traditional extruder length to diameter ratios (L/D) are tailored to suit the resin in order to maximize output and efficiency. Up to 8" diameter screws can be designed for maximum throughput.

Die Packages
Die packages form the molten resin into a thin tubular film. Pancake and spiral die packages are designed with the aid of computer simulations ensuring even mixing and heat distribution of the molten resin. Up to 11 layer films can be constructed using these die packages.

Air Ring
Single and dual lip air rings with up to 110" diameter and fully automatic computer gauge control.

Top Nip
The bubble is pressed flat in the collapsing frame and pulled through two rollers which are referred to as the top nip. The flattened bubble is now referred to as the layflat. Touch button controls are able to open or close the position of the collapsing frame in an effort to avoid web wandering, eliminate the formation of wrinkles and maintain the quality of the layflat.

Modular design for easy assembly and solid structural construction

Bubble Guide
The bubble guide increases the stability of the blown film tube providing support to maintain its shape. It can be adjusted to move up or down and open or close its arms to provide support along the length of the tube. Contact surfaces can be selected according to the thickness and surface type (high slip or tacky) of the film.

Chiller Unit
The chiller unit provides a steady supply of cooled air that can be fed to the air ring and/or the IBC to solidify the film.

Horizontal Film Oscillator
The horizontal film oscillator (HFO) ensures uniform gauge distribution while minimizing web wandering and eliminating wrinkles. Alpha Marathon HFOs feature a low profile height ensuring it can be placed on top of the tower without any additional height requirements.

Treater Station
Treater stations are used for applications that require surface treatment of one or both sides of the film. For applications such as graphics and labelling, surface treatment increases the printability of the surface so that the ink adheres to the film.

Web Guide
The web guide ensures the web follows a consistent path so that when the film is wound into a roll, the edges are aligned.

The winder gathers the processed film in a finished roll. Alpha Marathon surface and turret winders produce quality, wrinkle-free film rolls at high speeds.

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Cooling Ring &IBC
Bubble Cage
Bubble Cage
Bubble Support
Die & Extruders
HFO - View 1
HFO - View 2
Single Coex 2
Single Coex 3
Single Coex 1
Blown Film
3 Layer Blown Film

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