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Founded in 1987, J P Extrusiontech Ltd. manufactures Plastic Processing Machinery & Equipment and is situated in one of the largest industrial estates of Asia at Ankleshwar in Gujarat State, India around 360 kilometers away from Mumbai having state of the art manufacturing facilities with a total covered area of 70,000 sq. meters equipped with most modern machine tools.

The company is well managed by a group of professionals and is manufacturing extrusion machines and allied equipment for Plastic Processing and packaging industry. We offer a wide range of machinery in every segment depending upon the need of the end product.

Vision : To offer latest techno economical machines.

Quality Policy: (Click on image)

Our aim is to take care of customer’s requirements and maximize customer satisfaction

Quality Policy goal shall be achieved :

Supplying reliable quality plastic processing machinery and equipment in time.

By providing satisfactory customer services in time.

Effective coordination amongst departments and other functions for enhancing efficiency and capability of the organization.

By emphasizing on sharing information, training, and teamwork

By provision of adequate resources.

By continual improvement in all the areas of Products, Process, Technology, and Service.

 Technological Achievements

Year 1989
(01) Coat Hanger type T-Dies of sizes ranging from 300 mm to 4300 mm for Woven Sack/Lamination/ PVC Foam/PP Sheet
(02) Pioneer in converting traditional blown die into flat T-Die with Quenching Tank and Hot Air Oven for PP Tape Line
Year 1990
Needle type Fibrillation systems used for the production of fibrillated tapes for stitching threads for Rope/Twin.

PlastIndia Year 1994
(01) Three layer Cast film Line for stretch / CPP Film, Exhibited the first time in Plastindia 1994.
(02) Automatic Recycling Line with Backflush Screen Changer, Exhibited in Plastindia 1994

Plastivison Year 1995
1600 mm Paper Lamination having Turret Unwinder & Surface Winder with auto splicing and auto loading & unloading arrangement. Exhibited in Plastivision 1995

Year 1996
(01) Blown Film Plant with 95% Gusseting and online sealing & cutting for Jumbo Bag Liner.
(02) Tape Line for fibrillated Tape for Rope.

PlastIndia 1997
(01) Two Layer Lamination cum Cast Film Plant, Exhibited in Plastindia 1997
(02) 2500 mm Extrusion Coating Line for Woven Sack/Jumbo Bag.

Year 1998
(01) 3300 mm Extrusion Coating Line for coating of tarpaulin / Cotton / Jute / Non-woven
(02) Low Shrinkage Tape Line for manufacturing rope.

PlastIndia Year 2000
Two layer sheet plant for thin sheets for Stationary purpose, Exhibited in Plastindia 2000

Year 2001
(01) Mono layer sheet plant for 1400 mm width with thickness up to 20 mm & longitudinal cutter and output up to 400 Kg/hr.
(02) 2650 mm Bid-less Die for Extrusion Coating.

Year 2002
High-Speed Tandem Lamination Line for both side coating on tarpaulin fabric at a time & with different (two) colors.

PlastIndia Year 2003
5-Layer Lamination Plant for Flexible Packaging, Exhibited in Plastindia 2003
Inverter Driven Cheese Winders for woven sack, Exhibited in Plastindia 2003

Year 2005
3300 mm Tandem Extrusion Coating Line.
Washing Cleaning Line 500 Kg/Hr. for PET
Monofilament Line having 80 mm Extruder and output up to 250 Kg/Hr.

PlastIndia Year 2006
Three Layer Vented Sheet Line up to 600 Kg/Hr output, Exhibited in Plastindia 2006
1750 mm Tape Line up to 600 Kg/Hr output, Exhibited in Plastindia 2006
8 Colour CI Flexo Printing for woven sack, Exhibited in Plastindia 2006

Year 2007
2300 mm Sheet Line: Accumulator & Automatic Cutting for PP/HDPE/EVA/HIPS/ABS & Carpet (for automobile application)
2400 mm Extrusion Coating Line for Carpet with Accumulator and Automatic Cutting (for automobile application)

Year 2008
High Output 500 Kg/Hr. Vented Recycling Line, 120 mm Vented Extruder with 35:1 L/D Ratio.
3400 mm 5 Layer Cast Film Line with 5 Extruder with output up to 1000 kg/hr.

PlastIndia Year 2009
(01) 2300 mm 4 Extruder with 5 Layer Cast Film Line, 1000 Kgs/hr, Exhibited in Plastindia 2009
(02) 600 Kg/Hr. Tape Line with Auto Doffing Cheese Winders & Inverter driven cheese winders, Exhibited in Plastindia 2009

 Year 2010
Developed Scrim Lamination for strong & heavy construction fabric. 

 PlastIndia Year 2012
Launched JAIKO brand Circular Weaving (Circular Looms) machines, Exhibited in Plastindia 2012

 Year 2014
900 Kgs/Hr Capacity, Tape Stretching Line with Tape Winders 

 Year 2015
Extrusion Coating Line for Paper and Aluminium Foil – Model: 80CRP1600

 Year 2016
7 layers, 5200 mm width Tandem Co-Ex Lamination having 4 nos. of Extruders and 2 nos. of Lamination Stations and 2 nos. of sandwich stations. First time in INDIA.

 Year 2017
(01) 6000 mm Width Extrusion Coating line for tarpaulin (PP/HDPE)
(02) Co-Ex Lamination for Flexible Packaging having Extruders of 90+70 and width 1450 mm. Full speed auto splicing (200 meters/min)

 Year 2018
(01) First of its kind in India, a 6 Layer Extrusion Coating and Lamination Machine with six extruders, and flexibility to choose your own material composition in each extruder.
(02) PolyCoat series Extrusion Coating Machine from JP offers the most modern features that include full-speed auto-splicing at both – re-winding and un-winding stations, producing an excellent uniform quality of coating, with a design speed of up to 200 m/min 
(03) Vega Star – Another innovation by JP in Circular Weaving Loom brings in with its new Vega Star series a high-performance loom with a speed up to 1200 PPM. This loom provides not only higher productivity, but is also highly energy efficient with Power Savings of 12-15% compared to standard looms.
(04) ValveTech 35 – ValveTech is the most modern conversion line with an advanced automation and control system that offers high productivity and efficiency with its indigenous design. It produces both side stitched bags with a valve at one corner of the bag. The valve type bags are used in packing of various materials such as Cement, Salt etc. The material is filled through the valve using a hose and once the bag is filled the valve shuts automatically providing a locking system. ValveTech is best suitable for non-laminated woven fabric with an option for laminated fabric. ValveTech 35 model has the capacity to produce up to 35 Valve Type bags/min.

 Year 2019

 Year 2019
Participant in INDIAPLAST-2019 Exhibition held at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR – India during 28th Feb – 4th March, 2019. JPEL has Live Demonstrated 600 Kgs/Hr Tape Stretching Line and Tape winders, High-speed Extrusion Coating Line, Circular Weaving Machine Vega STAR having 1200 ppm, Circular Weaving Machine for Jumbo (FIBC) Bag Fabric.

Please view Short Film JPEL at INDIAPLAST-2019


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